Fragrances by jernade

I have created two exquisitely simple but elegant scents. Each fragrance is crafted from the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

For me making the perfect fragrance wasn’t just about smelling good, it was creating a scent that expresses the way you feel.

Both MAN by Jernade and WOMAN by Jernade perfumes are built from different notes that create scent layers, which unfold over time to create the individual fragrance; with base notes, middle notes, and top notes all working together to create a unique smell.

My perfumes are created with higher fragrance concentration and contain more perfume oils and less alcohol, making them last over 12 hours.

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How it all started

my vision

I have always had a thing about smelling good and believe first impressions count. I am passionate about my scent and how it makes me feel, and this is what drove me to create something that I could share with the world. Not only did I want to create something that smells incredible I wanted it to be long lasting, leaving my scent in the room even when I have left.  


The process of creating these fragrances has been fun and I am very proud and excited with the end results. I know you will feel the same.